Know About the Difference in Quality of Dry Mix Concrete and Wet Mix Concrete

The main difference between a wet mix concrete and a dry mix concrete is in their manner of production. In the wet-mix method, concrete is created by mixing all the materials while water is being added to the mixer. In the dry-mix method, concrete is produced by combining all the materials before adding water to the mix. The only time that water is introduced is when the mix is jetted through a nozzle hose.

Dry mix concrete and wet mix concrete have their own advantages and disadvantages. Factors such as low water-cement ratio and high impact velocity provide higher bonding ability to dry mix concrete. This is the reason that they are arguably better at reinforcing structural strength. That said, water and cement are easier to control and monitor the wet-mix method.

According to concrete manufacturers and builders, if you are doing small project on a site where space is limited, then dry mix concrete is preferable. You can add the water later and work with a fresh concrete. But if you have a big project that requires faster production, then wet mix concrete would be ideal. Since you have bigger space, you can set up a plant on the site and ensure that you have high-quality concrete.

If you are going to use mortar for your plastering, flooring, or finishing project, consider dry mix mortar. Unlike site mixed mortar, this is easier and faster to apply. You neither need a specialised mixer nor be an experienced builder to use a dry mix mortar. The result is the same as using a regular mortar. But if you are using a dry mix mortar from a reputable manufacturer, then you can expect that the output is much better.

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