The Difference Between Environmental Friendly Bricks and Red Clay Bricks

Red clay bricks are undoubtedly the most widely used construction materials in the world. They were used way back in history, during the time of the earliest civilizations in Turkey and Egypt at around 700 BC. Thousands of years have passed, yet red clay bricks remain popular today because they are inexpensive and strong.

Another type of building material that has been changing the field of the construction is AAC brick. They are considered ‘environmental friendly bricks’ because of the materials and processes that AAC bricks manufacturers use in producing them. A lot of construction companies now prefer these materials because they are lightweight, durable, and are known for their high load-bearing capacity.

Choosing between the two is not easy because both red clay bricks and AAC bricks have their specific advantages and disadvantages.

Raw Materials

Red clay bricks are made by mixing clay or alumina, lime, sand, magnesia, and iron oxide. Also needed in its production is natural soil. On the other hand, AAC bricks are created from fly-ash, a waste that comes from manufacturers of steel. They also require a low quantity of cement.

Energy and Water Requirement

There is approximately 30% less energy needed for producing AAC bricks than for manufacturing red clay bricks. Therefore, AAC bricks manufacturers leave behind smaller carbon footprints. Manufacturers of red clay bricks as well as those who use these materials require a more water during production and construction. They often demand groundwater for continuous operation. This is not a problem with AAC bricks and block adhesives because only a small amount of water is needed for the construction process.


Red clay bricks have uniform sizes and produced in bulk quantities. Meanwhile, AAC blocks can be made available in different sizes to help builders complete the project faster and lessen their production cost.

If you are choosing AAC bricks for your construction project, only choose from the best AAC brick manufacturers in the country. Look at their company profile and see if they are legitimate, recognized, and highly recommended.

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