How to Find the Best AAC Blocks Manufacturers in India?

The soaring popularity of AAC blocks for construction has led to the establishment of many manufacturing facilities. AAC blocks are the gifts of technology to construction, ushered in more than ninety years back. It has been refined to its present state of stardom in construction. However, it is important to choose the right manufacturer to get all the benefits of the wonder blocks.  Swing the right choice with the following proven methods of identifying the best AAC blocks manufacturers in India.

Infrastructure and processes

A manufacturer with the right infrastructure and processes will offer consistent quality in every block that leaves the facility. This is of utmost importance. Substandard manufacturers, who operate from adhoc facilities, without the right equipment are bound to give poor quality.  One of the best ways to ascertain the quality is to look into R&D capabilities, and frequent test reports. This will give an indication of the processes followed, thereby assuring better quality.

Availability of quality raw materials affects output capacity

Large orders and critical projects require the delivery of AAC blocks on time. Choose AAC blocks manufacturers in India who have easy access to quality materials. This will give dual benefits. Steady supply of quality raw materials will translate into timely delivery of orders. In addition, manufactures who are situated closer to locations from where the raw material is procured will have lower transportation costs. This benefit will, in all likelihood be transferred to customers who will have to pay lesser. This will contrast with the pricing of manufacturers who source raw materials from distant locations.

Stake in training and updating skills of masons

New products require implementation of improved handling procedures. Reputed AAC blocks manufacturers in India impart training to masons in the use of AAC blocks. This, in turn will help the masons to utilise the skills learned in routine work. It is important for manufacturers to offer training, parallel to the introduction of new products. Responsible manufacturers are an indication of an intent to help the industry, which in other words means – better efforts for quality.

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