How to choose the best AAC block plant in India

As the world moves towards better material in construction, the demand for autoclaved aerated concrete blocks has risen exponentially. The demand for quality is dovetailed with eco-friendly processes.  Choosing the best AAC block plant in India can be a simple exercise by following a few tips as given below. The best AAC blocks India manufactures meets all international specifications. Read further to understand how your needs can be met.

Infrastructure and high grade raw materials

The strength of a company and the quality of its products hinges to a large extent on the source and availability of raw materials. If the raw material requires to be transported over very large distances, the manufacturer will automatically try to introduce cost cutting measures to stay afloat in the highly competitive market. Therefore, the best option would be to establish a manufacturing unit close to thermal plants from where most of the raw materials are sourced. Choosing the best AAC blocks in India should ideally also involve looking at its location.

How important is the relevant ISO Certification?

A company that flaunts an ISO Certification is an indication of high standards. It proves through internationally accepted norms that the company adheres to processes and measures to maintain high quality. ISO Certification such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 is akin to a large micro filter, through which only the best companies pass through. This label is an identification of standards that automatically translate into better products, and management of the company.

Mission statement and implementation

A vital contributor to an industry such as construction, where products need to be of a quality that outlasts generations, requires the implementation of a progressive mission statement. It is essential that a manufacturer contributes to the sector as a stakeholder and not just as a money spinner. To narrow down the search for the best AAC block plant in India, it is important to look for qualities in the manufacturer such as the level of technical services offered, post sales service, batch trace option, ability to deliver high volume output, testing of products etc.

With significant reduction in costs, AAC blocks are a contemporary marvel of the construction industry. The benefits are not limited to just materials but overall as given below:–

  • Reduced costs towards plaster
  • Reduced costs towards labor
  • Considerable reduction in time taken to complete project
  • Lesser carbon footprint
  • Greater protection against natural calamities
  • Long lasting & facilitates better architecture, due to various sizes of blocks

It is essential to zero in on the best plant to be assured of receiving blocks that provide the above benefits.


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