Discover the Prime AAC Block Suppliers in India:

The trend of using Autoclave Aerated Concrete blocks in construction is picking up pace these days. The reason is their ease of use and application, their environmental friendly nature along with strong and durable structural properties. AAC blocks today are supplied by many manufacturers. is counted among the top manufacturers – the creamy layer of AAC block suppliers in India. provides AAC blocks as an attractive alternative to bricks in wall construction. This is an amazing option for those construction companies and contractors who prefer displaying a visually pleasing façade in their buildings. has two dedicated plants in Gujarat and Haryana that manufacture AAC blocks of exemplar quality. meticulously caters to the high demand of AAC blocks in the regions of West and North India. The equipment installed for manufacturing these blocks are top-notch which ensures a consistently high quality in the products they manufacture.

Products from have gone into the making of prestigious structures across various regions of the country, in projects as diverse as residences, commercial and retail. The AAC blocks by are manufactured with delicate attention to detail at each step of the process, right until you receive it. is one of the few manufacturers that heed the need to preserve the environment, and offer eco-friendly AAC blocks to help the noble cause.

You won’t need to think twice about trusting them with your AAC block needs. Get in touch with today!

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