How to Choose Top Quality AAC Block Jointing Mortar

AAC blocks require a specially formulated adhesive to keep them together and prevent them from coming undone over the years. For this reason, you need to make sure that you are using only the right AAC block jointing mortar for your projects. Refer to the following tips when choosing top quality AAC block jointing mortar:

  • Explore the features of the adhesive – Make sure it is a thin bed mortar designed specifically for AAC blocks. These qualities ensure fast and firm laying of AAC. High-quality AAC block jointing mortar is factory mixed, composed of cement and graded sand, and blended with carefully picked polymers to ensure reliable water retention properties and high strength, even when applied in a layer that is two to three millimeters thick.
  • Determine the manufacturer’s process for making the jointing mortar – Top quality AAC block jointing mortar goes through a controlled manufacturing process to ensure consistency in all batches. The adhesive can be delivered to your construction site in special silos or bags, depending on your requirements. Various chemical and physical properties of the dry mortar should have been tested in the laboratory, so you do not have to worry about inconsistencies.
  • Find out how it is used – Look for AAC block jointing mortar that only lets you add water to the ready mix prior to use. Consider a product that can optimize your construction with AAC blocks. For instance, one of the best AAC block jointing adhesive mortars enhances acoustic and thermal performance and the build quality, and helps shorten construction timeline. Likewise, it helps you maximize the use of raw materials while ensuring zero waste.
  • Make sure it will not shrink – Top quality AAC block jointing mortar does not require curing and ensure high coverage. It retains water effectively to prevent shrinkage cracks, too.

Finally, read reviews. Learn more about a specific AAC block jointing mortar product by looking up reviews and feedback on it.

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