Benefits of Choosing the Best AAC Bricks Manufacturers in India

AAC building materials have become increasingly popular in the construction industry over the last few years. The material has lowered building construction costs and leads to significant savings on project completion time. There are now numerous manufacturers in India, who make generic and custom construction blocks for builders and homeowners.

However, choosing the right AAC bricks manufacturers for your needs is important. The reasons for doing so are plenty. Here is a brief look:

  • Cost Savings: Owing to the material used and the manufacturing process, AAC bricks are economical than any other building material. These bricks have the desired features at the least cost. However, not all companies can provide the products at competitive prices. Some try to put an excessive premium on the price due to the quality of the material. It makes sense to avoid such manufacturers and instead rely on the ones who provide the blocks at a competitive cost.
  • Lightweight: AAC blocks are lighter than other building materials and, thus, can be transported in bulk at a lesser cost. These blocks lower the consumption of steel and cement in structures and lower the weight of the overall structure. Only the best AAC bricks manufacturers can provide the optimal bricks. Others will provide blocks that may appear to be lighter but will not be as light as the ones provided by AAC bricks manufacturers.
  • Stronger Material: AAC blocks are stronger than traditional clay bricks. These blocks can withstand 3.5-4 N/m2 of force while normal clay blocks can withstand up to 2.5-3 N/m2 of force. Only the best AAC bricks manufacturers make the blocks that have the necessary strength. The other companies will not be able to make blocks that have the required strength.
  • Eco-Friendly: Usage of AAC blocks from the best manufacturers scales down the emission of carbon dioxide by 200 million tons every year. This makes the elements eco-friendly and leads to green construction. The other AAC blocks manufacturers generally fail to meet these standards and end up polluting the environment during the creation process.
  • Other Qualities: The better quality AAC blocks do not contain any organic products and thus reduce the risk of insects and pests getting into the structure. The better companies make the blocks resistant to temperature variations also. Their AAC blocks can withstand up to 1200 degree Celsius. These blocks are also strong enough to meet the high standards for building safety and earthquake resistance. The blocks from other manufacturers usually fail on most, if not all, of these counts.

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