What Factors to Consider Before Choosing Light Weight Bricks Suppliers in India

Light weight bricks in India are changing the construction industry. According to reports, a spike of 500% was seen in the production of light weight bricks in the last three years. If you are looking to purchase light weight bricks for your next project, consider the following factors when choosing a supplier:

  • Years in the business – It takes experience to create high-quality light weight bricks. Your best bet is to find the pioneers of light weight bricks in India.
  • Company background – Aside from the years in operation, you should also know more about the suppliers of light weight bricks. Are they simply selling and looking to make a profit? Or are they looking to change the way construction is done in India? Take note of the vision, quality, environment, health, and safety policies as well as the corporate social responsibility of the suppliers.
  • Manufacturing units – State-of-the-art machinery is required to create the best light weight bricks. Some suppliers simply source their lightweight bricks, which can be costly. The best suppliers manufacture their own products in India. If this is the case, don’t forget to check the test certificates of the products produced by the supplier.
  • Quality of products – Not all light weight bricks are made equal. High-quality autoclaved aerated concrete must adhere to certain criteria. The usual light weight bricks offer comprehensive strength, extremely low drying shrinkage, excellent sound transmission class rating, thermal resistance and conductivity, water resistance, and an impressive fire rating.
  • Clients – Does the supplier cater to notable and relevant construction and real estate companies in India? Is yes, that’s a good sign.
  • Technical services – The best suppliers care for their clients by offering after-sales technical services. They can assist you even after you purchase their light weight bricks. They may also offer mason trainings and on site demonstrations.

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