What Factors to Consider before Choosing AAC Block Suppliers in India

AAC blocks were invented in the mid 1920’s and just recently become very popular, changing the construction industry. If you are looking for an AAC block supplier in India, you need to take note of the following factors:

1.    Company’s reputation – With the popularity and demand for AAC blocks, more suppliers and manufacturers are popping up in India. Beware: Not all will be able to provide high-quality AAC blocks. To know more about the reputation of the supplier, learn how long they have been in the industry, if they are a member of relevant organizations, are product-approved, or have received awards from notable institutions.

2.    Clients – It’s a good sign if the AAC block company supplies to builders and real estate companies. If they have, check out the current or finished buildings created with the AAC blocks.

3.    The product itself – Don’t forget to check out the actual AAC blocks. AAC blocks are known to be fire-resistant but only to a certain extent, so check the fire rating. You should also determine the water absorption, sound transmission rating, drying shrinkage, thermal conductivity, and strength of the AAC block. More importantly, check on the thickness, tolerance, breadth, and length and see if they are suitable for your building needs.

4.    Other products – Aside from AAC blocks, you will of course need other materials for your construction project. See if the supplier can also offer other dry mix products and precast products.

5.    Other services – The best AAC block suppliers in India also offers technical services to their clients. This can include everything from after-sales services as well as providing technical and product literature to actual mason trainings and on site demonstration. Builders and contractors meets, plant visits, and mobile testing lab should also be provided.

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